Sheet Metal Fabrication In The Medical Industry

Sheet metal fabrication is widely used in the medical industry for building high strength, precise surgical tools, equipment, and life-saving devices. The benefit of using sheet metal fabrication is that you can create a large number of excellent quality, made-to-order parts and components, all designed to the same, exact specifications.

At Highland Machine, we provide a variety of sheet metal fabrication services for the medical industry, including:

  • Laser Cutting
  • CNC Punching
  • TIG, MIG & Spot Welding
  • Robotic Welding
  • Stamping & Forming
  • Hardware & Inserts

An end-to-end sheet metal fabricator for the medical industry

Our team builds individual components for medical devices as well as entire pieces of equipment. If you manufacture medical products with metal components, then we can take your design and build the parts you need at our facility. You save time and money by avoiding moving your product from vendor to vendor for fabrication, machining, and finishing. We do it all.

In addition to sheet metal fabrication for individual components for medical devices, we will also build an entire piece of equipment. For example, our team recently worked with Aeragen to engineer, build, and manufacture an innovative mobile isolation unit for hospitals. They approached us with an idea, and we helped to make it a reality. We started with building the prototype for proof of concept and developed the project by setting up the processes for mass production, including assembly and storage.

If you build equipment for the medical industry, then we have you covered for sheet metal fabrication, machining, finishing, and assembly.

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