CLIENT NEED: An out-of-house solution to manufacture their high-volume electrical cabinets

RESULT: Using Highland Machine’s manufacturing and inventory services allows Bitrode to supply a large quantity of electrical cabinets while avoiding their in-house barriers for housing inventory. In addition, they are saving money with the ability to place bulk orders by utilizing Highland Machine’s inventory services.

HOW IT WAS ACHIEVED: Bitrode makes battery charging and testing equipment including custom-designed cabinets and a large quantity of generic cabinets. While they have the ability to manufacture a low-volume of specialty cabinets in-house, Bitrode lacks the speed and storage space needed to serve clients requiring high-volume orders of similar cabinets.

That’s where Highland Machine comes in.

When searching for a partner to outsource manufacturing services to, Bitrode needed a responsive partner that provided an exceptional product. After looking at five companies and selecting three to produce sample work, they chose to work with Highland Machine.

“The workmanship from Highland Machine was heads and shoulders above the rest.” – Hank McGauly

By working directly with Bitrode’s lead product engineer, Jim Stevens, Highland Machine ensures a consistent, quality product that meets Bitrode’s expectations.

And, because Highland Machine is able to house a larger inventory than Bitrode can at their own facilities, Bitrode is able to manage higher-volume orders. Additionally, by utilizing Highland Machine’s inventory services, Bitrode can order larger quantities – allowing for price breaks on the products – and then store them at Highland Machine until they’re needed.

Outsourcing work to Highland Machine has allowed Bitrode to produce a high-quality product in a large volume at a low-cost and with fast-turnaround time, allowing them to focus on their specialty products manufactured in house.

Are you looking to outsource a portion of your work? Contact us today to see the difference Highland Machine can make through our high-volume, high-quality manufacturing and inventory services. 


Client: Bitrode

Client industry:
Battery charging and testing equipment

Project details:
High-volume electrical cabinet manufacturing

Services provided by Highland Machine:

  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Manufacturing
  • Inventory management

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