We've grown quite a bit from our humble beginnings, but some things haven't changed.
1944 →

Claude Miles purchased the machine shop of Basler Electric and Manufacturing from Carl Basler and moved the operation to the corner of 6th and Cypress Streets.

CJ Zimmermann left Wicks Organ and Partners with Miles to form Highland Machine.

A new 6,000 sq ft plant was built on 4 acres of Geisler’s Hill. 16 employees moved into the new building that September.

Edwin M. Frisse joined the firm as a bookkeeper.

← 1946

Claude Miles died and CJ Zimmermann became the sole owner.

Ed Frisse was named company vice president.

← 1951
1956 →

Zimco Metalfab formed and purchased fabrication equipment from Master Mfg in Lichfield. Zimco and Highland Machine operated out of the same building.

The company doubled its fabrication capability with sheet metal building expansion.

Highland Machine designed it’s first sealed hydraulic lift for the beauty industry.

← 1962
1963 →

Zimco assets sold to Highland Machine. Highland Machine expanded with 20,000 sq. ft Sheet Metal Fabrication building.

Highland Machine began to manufacture forced hot air hair dryers for beauty salons.

← 1967
1974 →

Edwin M. Frisse was named president of Highland Machine.

The company doubled its fabrication capability with sheet metal building expansion.
← 1975
1981 →
Frisse became the majority stockholder of Highland Machine.

Highland Machine began offering pre-packaged hydraulic lift unit to ship directly to end user.

← 1986
1991 →

Terry Riffel was named president of Highland Machine.

The company expanded to 135,000 sq. ft with the addition of a 30,000 sq. ft powder coating facility.

← 1994
2001 →

Bill Sullivan was named president of Highland Machine.

Kanban and Lean methodologies were intoduced to offer customers greater inventory control.
← 2006
2008 →

Highland Machine expanded into large-scale assembly with genset trailer manufacturing.

The company introduced Selique – the all-digital hair dryer.

← 2009
2012 →

Highland Machine upgraded to a cyclone-style powder system.

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