We do More Than Just Metal Fabrication

Putting together the pieces of your projects
Product Assembly

Once your components are developed, our team can assemble them through our partial or full assembly options.

By utilizing our in-house assembly options, you can reduce your product development timeline and reduce overall costs. Plus, by taking advantage of our custom-finishing, kitting, and packaging services, you’ll have a ready-to-ship product developed under one roof.

We provide:

  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Electrical Assembly
  • Electronic Enclosure Assembly
  • Custom Packaging

In addition, we offer U/L certification and inspection.

Learn more about how one of our customers has benefitted from our assembly services.

    “They truly are a partner. A working relationship has been established where I don’t even have to think as a buyer of who to send a job to – they come to mind because they know how to handle it.”

    Jeff McSorley

    Product Control Manager at CK Power

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