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Custom Metal Enclosures Development
At Highland Machine, we create custom metal enclosures and specialty components for your products. With a wide range of cutting, grinding, and drilling capabilities, we can handle almost any project and provide a finished product that meets your specifications. Whether you need a small or large production run, our team ensures that each custom sheet metal enclosure we build meets the highest standards of quality

We help at any point in your project

Unlike many other sheet metal enclosure manufacturers, our team can become involved at any stage of your sheet metal enclosure project, including starting a completely new product from scratch or helping you increase volume by fabricating an existing line. It doesn’t matter if you just have design drawings, a fully functional prototype, or have been manufacturing enclosures with other sheet metal enclosure manufacturers and are looking for a better partner to work with. We’ll participate at any stage of the project.

Our sheet metal enclosure fabrication process

We handle sheet metal enclosure fabrication for a wide range of industries, and we have a proven process that works well. First, our team collaborates with you to determine the functional and aesthetic requirements for your product. We base our design and the final shape on the application of your sheet metal enclosure, what working conditions it will operate under, and its dimensional and mounting requirements. Next, we decide which type of metal will best fit the needs of your product. For example, aluminum is the best choice when low weight considerations are important, while stainless steel is better for enclosures designed for high impact applications.

What sets us apart from other sheet metal enclosure manufacturers is that we work closely with you and ask you the right questions to ensure your product meets your specific needs:

  • What kind of environmental hazards will your enclosure encounter (dust, UV exposure, corrosion, precipitation)?
  • How big will the enclosure need to be to fit its essential components and still leave room for assembly?
  • Will it require hinges, mounting flanges, or locks?

We can customize your enclosure so it checks all of your boxes and meets the needs of the end user.

Reduce your project costs

When we become involved early in the design stage, we help identify cost saving opportunities and can recommend changes for most cost efficient designs for your metal enclosures and components. If you can approach our team at the beginning of the process, we’ll provide recommendations to enhance your product while ensuring it meets your exact specifications from Prototype through production.

Existing product lines

Are you looking for new sheet metal enclosure manufacturers to assist with the fabrication of your existing product line? At Highland Machine, we’re your partner, and we ensure a smooth transition by producing a high quality product that meets the technical and finishing requirements for your enclosures and components. In addition to fabricating your custom sheet metal enclosures, we also will help with any machining, powder coating or other finishing, full or partial assembly, and inventory management.

Highland Machine is your partner and works with you throughout the entire job.

“The workmanship from Highland Machine was heads and shoulders above the rest.”

Hank McGauly

Vice President of Supply Chain at Bitrode Corporation

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  • Custom metal enclosures
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