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Prototype Fabrication Machine
Highland Machine’s sheet metal prototype services provide proof of concept for your idea or product design. Our team will take your plans, identify any cost saving design opportunities, and develop prototypes before going into full production. Once we fabricate and build the prototype, we’ll then work with your team to refine it and, if necessary, build updated versions in order to get the design and operation just right.

Why you need a sheet metal prototype

Developing a prototype is a critical part of product production and offers several advantages:

  • Prove your design or idea is viable
  • Work out manufacturing issues to keep the costs of mass production lower
  • Improve customer satisfaction by testing designs thoroughly before production
  • Identify areas to speed up production to reduce future lead time

We use sheet metal fabrication to produce your prototype

Highland Machine builds your prototype using laser cutting, CNC punching, stamping and forming, TIG, MIG, and spot welding, and other sheet metal fabrication processes. We’ll produce a durable, working version of your product, engineered to the exact specifications outlined in your design. Our team has produced sheet metal prototypes for a wide variety of industries, including medical, mobile power generation, electronics, furniture, automotive, and more.

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