We'll Work with You to Identify Cost Savings

Let our expert team consult early on in your design

Our team has decades of experience in manufacturing product design. We use this expertise to help consult our clients through the design process.

By including our team early in product development, we can help accelerate the design process, assist with reverse engineering, and ultimately help identify potential cost savings opportunities.

We have experience working with:

  • AutoCAD
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • EdgeCAM
  • SurfCAM
  • Metalsoft

“Highland Machine will give feedback to our engineers on how to save labor and material if the design was looked at differently. They help us make what we’ve designed a little better.”

Jeff McSorley

Product Control Manager at CK Power

700 5th St. • Highland, IL 62249         618-654-2103

700 5th St. • Highland, IL 62249

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