A reliable partner to handle the manufacturing of sheet metal, skids, engine mounds, brackets, and other pieces of their mobile power generators.

From reviewing production processes and workflows to procuring parts and assisting in pre-assembly, Highland Machine took ownership of all the work needed to ensure a quality product, reduced labor costs, and on-time delivery.

CK Power is a diesel engine distributor/dealer based in St. Louis. One of their clients in the telecommunications field provides mobile power generators that are used to back-up cell towers for disaster relief efforts throughout the country, so they need to be reliable and high-quality.

That’s where Highland Machine comes in.

Highland Machine has been able to guarantee a quality product, while also ensuring competitive pricing and the ability to meet tight deadlines.

“Highland Machine has been responsive to go above and beyond with needs about timing and price.” – Jeff McSorley

CK Power provides Highland Machine with a design, and prior to production Highland Machine’s team analyzes the documents and gives feedback to CK Power’s engineers on how to save labor and material if the design was approached differently. This allows an additional cost savings to CK Power, in addition to Highland Machine’s already competitive pricing.

Once the design is finalized, the Highland Machine team gets to work. They turn a CAD Design coming in the door into an entire trailer (minus the engine) that goes back to CK Power for final assembly. In the process, Highland Machine assists with some of the pre-assembly, parts acquisition, and inventory management – allowing CK Power to streamline their processes and move things out the door faster.

And, because of Highland Machines’ inventory services, if a problem arises or a rush order is required, they are able to quickly to provide CK Power with the additional inventory they need to keep their client armed with mobile power generators in case of an environmental disaster.

Because of Highland Machine, CK Power’s team can focus on the final product assembly while knowing their trusted partner, Highland Machine, has the rest covered.

“They truly are a partner. A working relationship has been established where I don’t even have to think as a buyer of who to send a job to – they come to mind because they know how to handle it.” – Jeff McSorley

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Trailer Model


Client: CK Power

Client industry:
Diesel engine distributor/dealer

Project details:
Manufacturing and assembling power generators

Services provided by Highland Machine

  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Manufacturing
  • Procurement
  • Pre-assembly

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