Sheet Metal Fabrication in the electronics Industry

Using sheet metal fabrication in the electronics industry allows us to build durable, high quality metal enclosures, electrical component cabinets, brackets, housings, prototypes, and more. With fabrication, machining, powder coating, and assembly capabilities, our team can deliver everything from individual components to finished products.

We worked on an electrical cabinet project and became involved in the early stages of the design to identify cost reducing opportunities. By helping to refine initial drawings and tweak the design, the customer was able to realize substantial long term savings. We have also fabricated music snake enclosures for electronics used by professional audio and music engineers and have the capabilities to manufacture the complete range of other components and products.

Our electronics industry capabilities

We offer a wide variety of services for the electronics industry. Using laser cutting, CNC punching, welding, stamping, forming, and more, Highland Machine creates durable, competitively priced components and can rapidly scale manufacturing for large production runs.

In addition to sheet metal fabrication, as an end-to-end manufacturer we also handle the following services:

  • Metal machining
  • Custom finishing
  • Product assembly
  • Prototyping
  • Inventory management

Our team can fabricate and machine whole products or individual parts and components. We will get involved at any stage of the project, from early design to scaling production, depending on what your specific requirements are.

Whether you need an individual component or the entire product, if you build equipment for the electronics industry, then we’ll handle the sheet metal fabrication, machining, finishing, and assembly.

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