Sheet Metal Fabrication for Industrial Equipment

Industrial equipment and its components rely on extreme precision. One part that doesn’t fit exactly right can cause the machine to stop. At Highland Machine, we manufacture a wide range of industrial components and equipment, designed to our customers’ exact specifications.

From machined castings to component assembly and tooling cabinets to sheet metal enclosures, our industrial equipment components are precise, extremely durable, and long lasting.

The metal fabrication methods we use include:

  • Laser cutting
  • CNC punching
  • TIG, MIG, spot, and robotic welding
  • Stamping and forming
  • Hardware and inserts
industrial equipment

We’re an end-to-end sheet metal fabricator

Highland Machine helps keep your project on time and on budget by providing design engineering, metal machining, custom metal finishing, assembly, and inventory management services completely in house. You don’t have to waste time moving your parts and equipment from vendor to vendor for each stage of the process.

We have the capabilities to fabricate, machine, and finish high quality castings, custom sheet metal enclosures, press brake tooling cabinets, and a wide variety of other products and components for industrial operations.

If you build or use industrial equipment, then we can handle the sheet metal fabrication, machining, finishing, and assembly required for your product. We build individual parts and whole machines!

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