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When manufacturing a product, sheet metal fabrication only takes you half way there. Once the part or product is fabricated, it then needs to be machined to meet your specifications, powder coated, assembled, and stored. Handling all these different steps of the project with a collection of vendors will often lead to increased costs, longer timelines, and less consistent quality.

At Highland Machine, we’re more than a metal fabricator. We’re an end-to-end operation that takes your product from design to fabrication, all the way through assembly and storage.

What is the sheet metal fabrication process?

By choosing a sheet metal fabricator with broad in-house capabilities, you only have one point of contact for the entire project and don’t have to worry about shipping your product from vendor to vendor at each stage.

Here’s what the sheet metal fabrication process looks like:

  1. The part or product is fabricated using laser cutting, CNC punching, TIG, MIG, and spot welding, robotic welding, and stamping and forming.
  2. Your fabricated product is precision machined through CNC milling and CNC turning to ensure it meets your exact specifications.
  3. The sheet metal is then finished using powder coating, stainless steel finishes, anodizing, or plating.
  4. The finished components are assembled to deliver a completed product that is ready for your customers.
  5. Storing inventory so that you can take advantage of the cost saving benefits of large production runs.

Benefits of a one stop shop sheet metal fabricator

Whether you need a simple component or complex assemblies, taking the sheet metal fabrication process and putting it all under one roof will help streamline production and make it much more efficient.

Lower costs—You can better control costs because you’re dealing with one vendor and one team instead of four or five. By contracting multiple services from a single shop, you’ll receive a break on the price compared to using multiple shops.

Quality control—From auditing to monitoring, it is much easier to ensure one shop is meeting your high standards than having to keep tabs on multiple. If there is an issue, you immediately know who to contact to determine the cause and get it fixed. You don’t have to coordinate multiple partners to find out where the process went wrong.

Save time—If you use different vendors for welding, finishing, assembling, and storing, you’ll need to ship your product to different manufacturers at each stage of the process. By not using a one stop shop sheet metal fabricator, you’re adding unnecessary costs to your production process as well as significantly lengthening the timeline for project completion.

Work with Highland Machine

Forget cutting metal with one shop, welding it in another, painting it somewhere else, and then moving to a new location to have your final product assembled. At Highland Machine, we handle each stage of your project. From concept to finished product, we focus on cost efficiencies and top quality.

We can even help you with the design of your product, in order to ensure it’s suitable for long production runs and engineered in the most effective way possible. Once you’re producing a large number of products, you can use our inventory management services to be confident you’ll always meet demand.

If you’re looking for end-to-end sheet metal fabrication and custom metal finishing services, contact Highland Machine today.

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