Whether it’s for sheet metal fabrication, assembling electronics, or any other type of manufacturing, many U.S. companies use overseas manufacturers to reduce labor and production costs. Although creating products abroad may result in short term cost savings, in the long run, there are a number of valuable benefits to using a U.S. manufacturer.

Top reasons to use a U.S. based sheet metal fabricator

When it comes to choosing a sheet metal fabricator, there are several factors that you should consider:

  1. Shorter lead times–With your sheet metal fabrication completed within the U.S., your products have less distance to travel from the manufacturer to the distributor or retailer. The result is that you can get your sheet metal component or product to the end user much faster.
  2. Reduced logistics costs–Although using manufacturing facilities based in other countries may help you save on labor and production, you’ll then have to pay substantial logistics costs to move your products halfway around the world. With a U.S. sheet metal fabricator, you’ll save significantly on inbound and outbound delivery and shipping costs.
  3. Better quality control–It’s difficult to monitor the practices and quality of manufacturing facilities in far away countries. Sheet metal fabricators in the U.S. must be certified and adhere to certain quality standards. Rules and regulations may be different in foreign countries, potentially leading to a lower quality product. It is also easier to visit U.S. manufacturers to ensure your standards are met than it is to travel abroad.
  4. Environmentally friendlier–Using a U.S. based sheet metal fabricator not only reduces your transportation and delivery costs, it also cuts down the amount of energy needed to move your goods. By manufacturing in the United States, you can do your part to lower greenhouse gas emissions and gain the appreciation of eco-minded customers.
  5. Superior customer service–By working with an American sheet metal fabricator, you’re more likely to be dealing with customer service representatives who are based in the United States, reducing the chances of miscommunication or disconnects about what is needed.
  6. Creating more jobs for your community–Choosing U.S. based manufacturers means you’re helping create jobs for Americans in communities like yours. You’re supporting both the local and national economy and enhancing the ability of families in your town, state, and country to be successful and thrive.

Work with Highland Machine, your U.S. sheet metal fabrication partner

To complete a sheet metal fabrication project successfully, you need a manufacturer that acts as your partner. It’s much easier to be a part of the process and control costs and quality when you work with a sheet metal fabricator based in the United States.

A fabricator’s supply chain can have a big impact on pricing and availability, so it’s crucial to know where they source their products and complete the manufacturing. Working with a partner that sources materials locally, such as Highland Machine, can help ensure that your lead times and costs are not impacted by international shipping delays and trade requirements.

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